Hosting -Conditions of Use

Web Hosting Conditions of Service

Hosting Terms

  • We provide running and correctly configured server to manage hosting and email accounts
  • We will install php, perl, ruby etc. extensions as required for customer’s applications to run
  • Server will be maintained to ensure all security fixes are applied as they become available
  • Daily backups of server and all customer data – to be used for server recovery
  • cPanel creates daily, weekly and monthly backups of customer data that can be downloaded by customers from their control panel

Support provided with ASAP response

  • Server or essential service on server not running

Support provided on ‘within 24 hour response’

  • Issues with email
  • Issues with passwords
  • Issues with file permissions
  • Restore a complete site from a backup – this will lose any mail received or changes made to the site after the backup was created

Customer’s Responsibility

  • Custom applications and scripts are the responsibility of the web developer / programmer who created them. Modifications and corrections will have to be done by them. If they are unavailable we can refer you to someone who is capable of doing this kind of work
  • Customers with data critical to their business are advised to create a backup regime that suits them. cPanel provides the abilty to create and download either partial or complete backups. If you site has a database with customer and order details that are updated regularly we recommend you make regular backups of the database.



  • We can’t support applications or code written by third parties. This includes WordPress, Joomla (and Joomla Extensions), other content management systems, scripts downloaded from the internet and custom written code. Most open source software (especially Joomla and WordPress) have their own forums and support communities. Scipts and custom wriiten applications will have to be supported by the developer.
  • Restoring individual files from server or customer backups. We can provide customers with a complete backup of their site but if you need to restore individual files you will need to extract and upload them yourself. If this service is required it can be done on a do and charge basis. This is not included in the annual hosting fees


Contact Information

Email to [email protected]

Phone: (02) 6684 3345

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